Feature-length movies, short films, and other projects directed by Pink & White Productions’ director Shine Louise Houston.

Pink and White Productions

Pink & White Productions is an adult entertainment company in a league of its own. Most known for The Crash Pad and subsequent releases within CrashPadSeries.com, the company’s well-loved features and vignette-style videos explore the fluidity of sexual desire. Laugh at porn comedies Superfreak and pomo-homo-porno mocumentary The Wild Search, and experience Feminist Porn Award’s “Movie of the Year” (and AVN Nominated “Best Video”) CHAMPION: Love Hurts. The most recent feature-length release is SNAPSHOT, an erotic suspense thriller.

Spanning an array of sexuality, genders, and genres, Pink & White offers a cinematic focus on queer pornography. The company’s short film projects include 2014 XBIZ’s “Feminist Porn Release of the Year” OCCUPIED, the 2014 Feminist Porn Awards’ “Best Boygasm” winner, BED PARTY and “Best Straight Film (though the performers identify as pan and queer) BED PARTY: Jack HammerXL and Nikki Darling, and “Steamiest Straight Vignette” Writing in Bed. Shine’s most recent short film is BIRTHDAY. Houston’s upcoming film is Chemistry Eases the Pain.

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Heavenly Spire (Masculine Sensuality)

Heavenly Spire

Heavenly Spire focuses on masculine beauty and sexuality, and how it manifests on different bodies, in a unique cinematic style. Directed by Shine Louise Houston, the project features cisgender males, trans men, and other performers of masculine sexual expressions. A Feminist Porn Award winner, Heavenly Spire’s films are hosted in a studio on PinkLabel.tv, where individual videos are available video on demand.

Affiliate Link: https://www.pinklabel.tv/on-demand/studio/heavenly-spire/?affiliate=XXXXXXX

Point of Contact (Emerging Pornographers Series)

Point of Contact

Point of Contact fosters up-and-coming adult filmmakers through a micro-production model, allowing Pink & White Productions to further its mission to improve the world of adult cinema by providing opportunities for alternative voices. Point of Contact equips individuals with a small budget, camera, and guidelines, enabling them to produce their own four-part series. Once their work is shot, the final content is edited by Pink & White Productions and distributed on PinkLabel.TV, where a direct percentage of the sale goes to the filmmakers.

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Tickle Takedown

“LET’S GET READY TO TICKLLLLE!” That’s right, wrestling fans love to watch helpless girls squirm under the sharp nails and teeth of strong and cruel women. Shine Louise Houston’s newest creation, Tickle Takedown is here. Enjoy action-packed rounds of girl-on-girl smack-downs, forced stripping, humiliation, sweaty armpits, breathless fits of laughter, feet tickling, and loads of begging between hysterical gasps. Tickle dominants positively glow with delight as they taunt, tease, and torture their prey. These videos are only for the true tickle and wrestling fetishist purely focusing on tickle play and wrestling pins. No explicit sex is featured.

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