Pink & White Affiliate Program

Pink & White’s Affiliate Program rewards companies and individuals who help spread the word about our work — from sex bloggers and toy retailers, to porn reviewers and sex educators. Writing about queer, feminist, and ethical porn? Be sure to include and!

There are currently over 500 movies hosted on Pink & White’s porn sites and, including Feminist Porn Award-Winners and the films by emerging adult filmmakers in the United States, Australia, Canada, and across Europe. That’s a lot of indie, queer, and feminist porn! If you’re not familiar with affiliate programs, think of it as a “referral bonus” — you link to one or more of our websites using a unique code and make 30% of the sales you refer to us, whether it’s a membership or VOD rental. To earn commission from ANY of our projects, you need only to apply once.


    The Pink & White Productions Affiliate Program is maintained through CCBill, one of the largest online credit card and check processors. CCBill has been operating since 1998 and processes millions of transactions each year.


    Each week your payout is calculated and sent to you by CCBill. The payout is based on 30% of the net amount after CCBill’s fees are subtracted.


    Referral Bonus: Invite others to join the program and earn an extra 10% for every sign-up. Use this link (replace XXXXXX with YOUR unique number):

Thanks for helping others find out about our work, and feel free to contact us with any questions.

By signing up as an affiliate, you have read and agreed on our standard Terms of Agreement.

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