Pink & White Productions Affiliate Program

How it Works

Pink & White Affiliate Program

Pink & White’s Affiliate Program works through our payment processor CCBill to provide commission from our pay sites and PinkLabel.TV.

If you’re unfamiliar with affiliate marketing, think of it like a referral bonus. It is free to sign up and doesn’t cost anything to participate. You’ll be given a unique URL to direct visitors to our work. If one of them makes a purchase on our site, you’ll earn 30% of the sale. This is true for all sites and all sales, whether it’s a a $3.95 streaming video rental or a $119.88 year-long membership subscription. Our program offers commissions on recurring subscriptions, and a generous 30-day cookie expiration for those viewers who want to shop around before they make a purchase.

CCBill is one of the largest online credit card and check processors. They’ve been operating since 1998 and process millions of transactions each year. Each week, CCBill sends payment if a minimum of $25 is met. If that amount is not made, the total will roll over into the next payout period. (Make sure you keep your mailing address up-to-date so you wont miss a check!)

Adult film performers who work for Pink & White Productions earn an additional 10% on top of the regular offer for a total 40% commission, and are provided special promotion campaigns as well as free consultation assistance. We value the work of our talented cast and our affiliate program allows performers to earn ongoing income from their past work with us. We also encourage our crew and other collaborators to get on board. Being paid by promoting our work is a win-win for all parties involved.

Updates and Announcements

Latest News

Check this space for promo tips and tools. Affiliates receive periodic emails announcing content updates and other news. If you’re not receiving these emails and would like to be added to the subscription list, please let us know.