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Help us spread the word about Pink & White Productions, a queer POC-owned-and-operated porn company founded by Shine Louise Houston. When you write about diverse queer porn, link to When describing to ethical, feminist adult movies, be sure to include our fair-trade video-on-demand site, With a unique affiliate URL, you can make 30% commission (40% for our performers) of any sale. Pink & White’s Affiliate Program covers over 500 videos, and deep links on the sites including performers’ pages and blog posts.

Sign up to receive a unique affiliate code you can use to link to our sites on your website, Tumblr, or Twitter. Let friends know about the program and you’ll get 10% of their sales. If you’re not familiar with affiliate programs, think of them as a “referral bonus” that you make by sharing our work. We’re happy to help you get started.

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